As part of my own training company and cooperation with other trainers, I worked with companies such as: Accenture, GlaxoSmithKlime and Super-Pharm, Polskie Jagody Sp. z o. o., Institute for Business Development, Towarowa Giełda Energii, Gtech Poland, Polish Institute of Diplomats, University of Warsaw. I inspire to creativity in the field of shaping and use of human potential.

I have extensive experience in working with foreigners, repatriates and people employing migrants. As a trainer of the International Organization for Migration, I carried out several years of projects for migrants: “Increasing efficiency of migration management in Poland” (Swiss Contribution) and “Supporting integration of migrants requiring special treatment” (Admin4All). I am also board member of SIETAR Polska- Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research.

I conduct adaptation workshops for foreigners coming to Poland. I’ve trained, among others, IBM employees, students of the University of Warsaw, PG, as well as workshops on intercultural communication and working with people from different cultures for broader audiences (representatives of public administration institutions, teachers, non-governmental organizations). As an expert, I assist implementation of activities of the Foundation teams for Somalia – the Adulis Foundation, and the Jasmin Association of Friends for Intercultural Cooperation.

I became a laureate of the 2018 Mini-grants competition supporting integration and social cohesion, including the integration of the local community with the multicultural community of the Multicultural Center in Warsaw. As part of a grant, I conducted trainings “Benefit from Change”, workshops for Poles and foreigners.  Listen to my interview on the Radio RDC .

I work with Staromiejski Dom Kultury – Kultura Otwartości, where I conduct workshops for youth from intercultural communication and support adult foreigners in the process of integration in Poland.

With Foundation Ocalenie I conduct my own art therapy cycle workshops for foreigners and refugees women.

In cooperation with the Foreign Language Learning Foundation Linguae Mundi, I train school and pre-school teachers and school assistants in the field of psychology and intercultural communication as part of the project “Support for the integration of foreigners in Mazovia” co-financed by the National Program of Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the state budget.

I also provide psychological support in the form of therapy.I am in the process of training for the certificate of a psychoanalytic psychotherapist at ISPHS (Instytu Studiów Psychoanalitycznych im. Hanny Segal).  I’m currently an intern at the ISPHS psychotherapy clinic in Warsaw, working with young people and adults.


  • 2018 Training (4 years) to the Certificate of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist Institute of Psychoanalytic Studies Hanna Segal affiliated by the European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • 2017/18 Artetherapy Course – Culture Against Exclusion – Academy of Social Skills, diploma of an art therapist
  • 2017 Course on the Basics of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy organized by the Psychoanalytic School of Psychotherapy at the Polish Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • 2016 Certificate of basic training in the mediation of the Polish Mediation Center
  • 2010/11 CAE course at the British Council
  • 2008/9 Trop Coach Business Coach School, coach’s certificate
  • 2006/10 Master’s studies at SWPS University of Humanities and Social Sciences, master’s degree – social psychology, specializations: active methods training in the company and institutions; management of training processes; sexology. Scientific publication