In my workshops, I use methods of art therapy, which I learned during the Art therapy course organized by experienced experts and auto therapists of the Academy of Social Skills. Art has accompanied me since my childhood. Expressing myself through painting gives me a sense of freedom, lightness and integrity.
Art therapy is a form of psychotherapeutic and development support based on creative activities:

  • Art, painting, sculpture, spatial art (art therapy)
  • Music and sound (music therapy and sound therapy)
  • Movement and dance (dance and movement therapy)
  • Movement, theater and word (drama and psychodrama)
  • • Word (bibliotherapy)
  • And many others

Through the above-mentioned activities, we work on current and important topics for the patient / client, develop personality, deepen self-awareness. It is also a therapeutic method that favors support of people who treat themselves psychiatrically, oncologically, cardiologically etc. Art therapy helps you find motivation to live and work on your own potential and strengths. It can run individually or in groups in the form of workshops, developmental and therapeutic groups. To use the potential of art therapy, you do not need to have artistic skills. I cooperate with the New Horizons training collective, where I run and create my own workshops. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the team and the offer on the website of the collective.